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Activists in Orlando, Florida, gathered for today’s Day of Action, discussing the importance of extending middle-class tax cuts.

Temia said that her tax cut would help contribute to her local community.

“$2000 means that I am able to support my local businesses to stay afloat and bring the issues to our communities.”

Betty, a small business owner, is encouraging others to get involved with The Action.

“I am a small business owner running a childcare center. What we need are jobs in our community so that the parents of the children we care for can depend on themselves. I’m here because I want to encourage young people to get involved, and plant the seeds in our community that we can make a difference.”

Ralph explained why it’s important that Congress act immediately.

“The middle class has been decimated for a very long time. Wages are declining, more people are in poverty, and we are seeing high unemployment. Middle-class tax cuts are just basic relief for these families.”

Tell Congress to stand up for middle class families across the country. Leave a message for your representative today.

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