Today, more than 2000 entrepreneurs signed a letter urging Congress to extend tax cuts for the middle class and end them for the richest 2%.

The letter stressed that cutting taxes for the middle class would increase consumer demand for holiday shopping. Middle-class tax cuts are at the top of these business owners’ holiday wishlists. Trish McCabe, owner of Feng Shui By Design in Winter Park, Florida, spoke out.

“I gladly signed the letter to let politicians know the most important thing for my business right now is ensuring my customers, who are mostly middle class folks, have the means and the confidence to continue using my services. Every small business owner I know makes most business decisions based on consumer demand. If that demand isn’t there because our customers don’t have as much spending power, that’s going to hurt us all.”

Small business owners are planning action across the country this week to urge Congress to stand up for the middle class. Stay tuned for more.